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Global Journey To Success

Brought up in a family of “risk averse” scientists, and with no early grounding in property investment, Claire Alderton had to forge her own path. The expat Londoner (and runner-up for NZPIF Landlord of the Year) has been an investor for 19 years. Her career has spanned property investment and property management, and she’s spent huge amounts of time educating herself around the minutiae of the trade.

Alderton was working in the film industry as an assistant director in London (“I was the youngest person in this role by around 15 years”) when she purchased her first investment property. She was 26.
She’d long been interested in the creation of wealth, and realised the financially successful people she knew had a passion for property.

Her then boyfriend had a house in the London suburb of St Margarets, and she had saved a deposit of £30,000 ($60,000) – enough to get her on the ladder.

“I saw a house in St Margarets and thought my boyfriend would be so happy to have me living in the suburb,” she shares. But while the relationship didn’t last, the investment would be her first property foray.

At just £240,000, the top floor, twobedroom flat in a block of 12 featured off-street parking and its own garden. And with a flatmate she was able to live in the popular suburb for just £300 a month. “My rent at the time was double that,” she says.